We know you have questions and would like to learn more about what to expect from dance lessons. We want to you to feel as comfortable as possible, so here are the answers to a few of the most common questions people ask. At Arthur Murray, your comfort is most important to us.

Take advantage of our complimentary lesson offer to get started and we would be happy to answer any more questions you have on that first visit.

• Can I learn to dance?

Yes! If you can walk, you can dance. You’ll start learning the moment you step on the dance floor. Our friendly Arthur Murray instructors are experts in keeping dancing fun and easy right from the beginning, no partner necessary!

• What if I look ridiculous?

The most important thing to remember is that everyone feels that way. From the moment you step on the dance floor, we will take care of you. We’ll work at your level, and build your confidence and knowledge from there. Even after one class, you’ll feel more confident about hitting the dance floor!

• Do I need a partner?

Not at all! Many of our students come in by themselves. Your instructor will be your partner on your private lessons, and in group classes and practice parties everyone dances together! We have students of all ages and levels.

• What if my husband (or boyfriend) doesn’t dance?

Not to worry, we specialize in teaching couples how to dance. We hear this one a lot, so one of the first things we do is to make sure couples are comfortable moving together.

• How much do lessons cost?

The cost depends on a number of factors; how good you would like to be, how often you are able take lessons, ect. Remember, your first lesson is complimentary. After your lesson your instructor will be in a better position to recommend a program that will best align with your goals.

• I have a busy schedule, will I have time for dance lessons?

We are extremely aware that life tends to be busy for most people. As a full time studio, we are able to accommodate any schedule. Studio’s are open Monday – Friday 11:30 am – 8:30 pm and Saturdays by appointment. Our instructors are more than happy to help you find a schedule that will work for you.

• How qualified will my instructor be?

Arthur Murray has taught hundreds of thousands of people just like you to be light on their feet on dance floors around the world! Our dance instructors are trained and certified through our professional training system, and continually upgrade their skills to stay current. They are experienced on the dance floor and knowledgeable in techniques that will help you master today’s popular dances. And as always, we keep it fun and easy! Rest assured that our teachers are the best in the business.

• Will I need to compete?

Not at all! Some dancers like to compete, as a way of seeing their progress in comparison to others. Competitions are a vibrant, exciting part of the ballroom dance world but only a small percentage of ballroom dancers ever compete. Arthur Murray is all about helping you enjoy the world of social dancing and learn to be good at it. If you’d like to compete, we offer opportunities to do so through our Medal programs, showcases, and Arthur Murray competition events.

• How do I get started?

Contact us for complimentary lesson. We’ll evaluate your current abilities and help you understand where you should go from there in our comprehensive program. Start now! It’s free to try!

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